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sports and fitness
from:e1981  |   date:2011/10/7 9:15:07  |   views:1798



Cited three major errors of sports and fitness

1, the bigger the better exercise intensity: a useful exercise to do too much will produce the opposite effect. Experts point out that excessive exercise may be dangerous. Especially for people just beginning to exercise even more so, the body needs rest and recovery. In fact, we hope to gain from the exercise a positive effect, it occurs during the break. And exercise to some extent the phenomenon of diminishing returns occurs. If you exercise three times one week has been successful, then even if you exercise six times one week, and will not receive double benefits. Benefits only a small increase in it. At the same time you will increase because of excessive exercise and the risk of injury. How to do? Moderation is the best way, whether eating or exercise are the same.

2, can not eat before exercise: this must be individualized. In fact eaten only after exercise may be better. Do some gentle exercise after a meal, a long time before exercise than after a meal consumed more calories. So, after dinner walk in medicine there is some truth.

3, the best exercise in the morning: Unless you are in the army was ordered to so, or do not have to exercise in the morning. When most convenient to you when motion. Experts suggested that the only exception is in the hot season, in order to avoid the hottest and most humid time, you should exercise in the morning and evening.




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