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7  Benefits of exercise sports and fitness  8
Sports Note
from:e1981  |   date:2011/10/7 9:18:11  |   views:2017



It should be noted after strenuous exercise

1, not immediately rest. Strenuous exercise to speed up the human heart, muscle, telangiectasia, blood flow to accelerate, while there are rhythmic contractions of the muscles will squeeze the veins, the heart to promote blood flow back quickly. At this point, such as immediately stopped to rest, rhythmic muscle contractions would stop, a large number of the original flow of blood into the muscle can not flow back through the heart muscle contraction, resulting in decreased blood pressure, transient ischemic brain occurs, causing palpitation and shortness of breath, head dizzy vertigo, pale and even shock symptoms such as fainting. So, after strenuous exercise to continue to do some small amount of exercise movements, breathing and heart rate was normal and then stopped to rest.

2, should not immediately bath. After strenuous exercise the body in order to maintain a constant body temperature, skin blood vessels to dilate, Porokeratosis open big, perspiration increased, to facilitate heat dissipation, this time as a result of a sudden cold bath bath immediately stimulate the contraction of blood vessels, increase blood circulation resistance, heart and lung burden increase, while lower body resistance, people are likely to get sick, and if a hot shower will continue to increase skin blood flow, excessive flow of blood into the muscle and skin, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, the light dizziness, severe shock and collapse, but also likely to cause other chronic diseases. So, after strenuous exercise must take a break and then bath.

3, not binge drinking. Thirst after strenuous exercise, some people binge drinking water or other beverages, it would increase the burden on the stomach, gastric juices are diluted so that not only reduce the bactericidal effect of gastric juice, but also impede the digestion of food. And drink plenty of water too fast can cause excessive blood volume increases, the heart suddenly increase the burden caused by the body of potassium, sodium and other electrolytes occur temporarily disorders, even heart failure, nausea and abdominal distension, it is not too much exercise too fast water, but can not drink a cold drink, otherwise it will affect the temperature of the distribution, causing a cold, abdominal pain or other diseases.

4, not a lot of sugar. Some people feel after strenuous exercise eat sweets or sugar is very comfortable, and think that exercise is good to eat sweets, eat sweets too much exercise actually makes a lot of the body of vitamin B1 is consumed, people will feel fatigue, loss of appetite appetite, affect the physical recovery. Therefore, after strenuous exercise is best to eat some of the vitamin B1 in foods such as vegetables? Liver, eggs, sweets if you eat more after exercise should eat more vegetables and other foods.

5, should not immediately drink. Descendants of strenuous exercise the body will function at a high level state, this time to drink causes the body to absorb alcohol more quickly into the blood, liver, stomach and other organs of the damage will be even worse than usual. This can cause long-term fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia and other illnesses. Beer is not thirsty after exercise is good, it makes the blood uric acid increased dramatically, so that the joint is greatly stimulated, triggering inflammation, causing gout.

6, should not be smoking right away. Due to the body after exercise, smoking speed up metabolism, body organs at a high level working conditions, leaving a lot of smoke into the body, but also because of the body after exercise requires a lot of oxygen and can not be met and more vulnerable to carbon monoxide, nicotine and other harmful substances , then the harm of smoking more than usual for you, while poor oxygen absorption also affects the body´s recovery process after exercise, were more likely to feel tired.



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