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Life is movement
from:e1981  |   date:2011/10/7 9:20:11  |   views:2453



Life is movement, maintaining a healthy body, is inseparable from movement. Life is movement, movement is exercise, exercise perseverance, persevering.

Kids in the morning eight or nine o´clock the sun, facing the heavy task of learning, not without strong physique. Some parents spoil their children, often to buy some nutritious health products for children to eat. Result, the body not only unhealthy, but eating out of obesity. Doctors advise them to lose weight, I had known this, why did. Pet parents eager to have children, often to buy some chickens, ducks, fish, meat and other high-protein, high fat foods to feed their children, sometimes special treatment for snacks that adequate nutrition can eat a healthy body, or counterproductive. Chubby body with the child from the pier. Fat significant negative effects on the body. Such as the delicious lazy move the motivation to learn, grow up, easy to get cardiovascular problems, to the regret when too late.

Therefore, the parents give their children an important and reasonable to eat, exercise is more important. Three meals a day, proper nutrition, meat and vegetables. Eat snacks, do not eat fried dough sticks, drink milk, soy milk, it is best to milk, soy milk as soft drinks. Eat an egg a day. As milk, eggs, rich in nutrition, food is nourishing a senior.

The best way to stay healthy movement every day, every day for at least an hour. Teachers and parents that their children develop good habits in sports. Informal movement pattern, such as: running, walking, swimming, hiking, cycling, rope skipping, Tiaopi Jin and so can be. Collective movement (physical education) to participate, a separate exercise to practice to be conscious. Morning to make your day refreshed. Body movement can consume excess energy. Have a choice of exercise can prevent and change the "Sprouts" body. Such as push-ups, sit-ups, horizontal bar exercise, parallel bars exercise. Sustained exercise can prevent the body´s "paper tiger." Healthy exercise to stimulate the body fully accepted, often human body movement will not decline, improved immune function, strengthen the body, and can prevent disease. It is reported that school absenteeism due to illness a few students can see them too little time to participate in sports, too late, still is too late. Scientific training is the recipe for cold prevention and treatment. Training a child´s body strong, energetic go into the study, academic achievement goes up, parents at ease. Benefits of exercise infinite.



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