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ANTA brand
from:e1981  |   date:2011/10/7 9:11:08  |   views:4296



Strong Brand

Brand is the most powerful asset to sustain long term growth. To help realise our highly defined mass market positioning, ANTA Sports is focused on implementing effective branding strategy to enhance our nationwide brand recognition. As consumers are becoming more sophisticated and brand conscious, the Group has put greater efforts in strengthening our brand and product differentiation to improve brand desirability. After years of hard work by ANTA Sports and other local players, market acceptance of domestic brands among Chinese consumers has been on the rise. This trend represents a promising opportunity for ANTA Sports’ future expansion.

We believe success favours those who are prepared. Our devotion on planning and preparing ahead has resulted an enhancement in our sports resources in 2010. The signing of NBA superstar Kevin Garnett marked the era where ANTA Sports has brought together top-tier players with influential basketball leagues to build our unmatched basketball resources portfolio in China. The endorsement has strengthened ANTA Sports professional image in the performance-based sportswear market. ANTA Sports is honoured to be the exclusive sportswear partner of the COC. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to outfit the CSD in the victory ceremonies in the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the Guangzhou Asian Games. The outstanding performance of the CSD has helped establish ANTA’s brand positioning as a representative of China’s sports industry.



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