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7  Anta Sports visibility to improve ANTA brand  8
Anta star endorsement
from:e1981  |   date:2011/9/25 15:09:13  |   views:4539



Basketball Superstar Empowers ANTA’s Endorsement Portfolio

We are dedicated to building on our endorsement resources with the addition of mega athletes to help us reach out to target customers. During the year, we have added NBA superstar Kevin Garnett to our endorsement list, which marks one of the most significant scoops of our branding efforts. Our international basketball endorsers, Kevin Garnett and Luis Scola, are both committed to promoting the development of the sport in China. They not only coached aspiring young players on basketball skills but also drew huge crowds of cheering fans as they toured around China. Riding on their popularity and influence, we have been able to win over the attention of basketball fans and successfully strengthen ANTA’s association with the sport. The basketball duo also have worn state-of-the-art ANTA basketball shoes in NBA matches, further validating our brand and premium quality of ANTA sportswear in front of global audience. We have also launched a series of marketing promotions starring Kevin Garnett to promote the “KG” sportswear series. Meanwhile, we continue to partner with the major leagues in Chinese basketball, CBA and CUBA, through various marketing activities to promote our featured products to basketball fans. Leveraging our comprehensive basketball sponsorship and endorsement resources, we have been able to reinforce our brand influence and leadership in the domestic basketball segment.



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