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die each year do not exercise
from:e1981  |   date:2011/9/25 15:09:27  |   views:2030



By the Ministry of Health, China Journalists Association, Coca-Cola Company jointly organized the "Chinese health knowledge dissemination incentive plan (eat balancing, to health)" expert media seminar held in Beijing 18. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Exercise and Health Director Michael? Dr. Pratt said, according to the survey, there are about 300 million people worldwide die each year do not exercise.

Pratt said that the U.S. Academy of Sports Medicine is to promote "campaign is a good way" concept, the main approach is to mobilize community physicians to prescribe exercise as a community open to the public, through the campaign to improve the health of a population of a community level. Survey shows that more low-income countries, due to lack of movement on the higher death rate.

U.S. study exercise and health science professor Hu just said, lack of exercise and overweight and obesity are two major public health problem in American society. According to health behavior survey in 2004 showed that 24% of Americans do not do any recreational sports, only 30% of adults meet the CDC recommended standards, 30 minutes of exercise a day, five times a week. United States 2008 National Nutrition Survey showed that nearly 68.3% of U.S. adults are overweight and obese. Hu Gang, said: "If five days a week for half an hour and light, moderate exercise, including walking, cycling, can prevent disease; if the amount of exercise to 45 or 60 minutes, you can reduce weight, or even to maintain healthy weight. recent study found that walking is a very good way, because the walk to adapt to a variety of people. "

He said that through the survey found that if a person is more than seven hours a week exercise, the future risk of cardiovascular disease risk by 45%, 51% reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease. Also found, and compared to normal weight people, overweight people increased by almost 33% risk of suffering from heart failure; if obese, the risk of future heart failure patients will almost double. If a person is obese, but to participate in physical exercise, do not exercise than the normal weight or underweight small risk of coronary heart disease risk.



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