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Benefits of exercise
from:e1981  |   date:2011/11/14 12:37:10  |   views:2190




1, physical exercise is conducive to human bone, muscle growth, improve heart and lung function, improve blood circulation system, respiratory system, digestive system of functional status, is conducive to human growth and development, enhance disease resistance, enhance the organism´s ability to adapt.
(2) reducing child in the adult heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.
3, physical exercise is to enhance the body´s most active and effective means.
4, you can reduce your risk of premature entry into senescence.
5, physical exercise can improve the regulatory function of the nervous system, improve the nervous system of human activities on the complex changes in the ability to judge and to coordinate timely, accurate and rapid response; the body to adapt to changing internal and external environment, maintaining the body´s life activities normal.


1, physical exercise has a role in regulating the body tension, improve physical and mental state, to restore physical strength and energy;
2, physical exercise can improve physical health, so tired the rest of the body to be positive, energetic people into learning, working;
3, relaxation, sleep, and help eliminate the pressure reading
4, physical exercise can mold character, to maintain a healthy state of mind, give full play to individual initiative, creativity and initiative, to improve self-confidence and values, personality in a harmonious atmosphere to get healthy and harmonious development;
5, physical exercise in collective projects and competitions can cultivate people´s solidarity, cooperation and collective spirit.

Young person´s life in the physical and mental development is the maturing of the important turning point, then you will be surprised to find that there were many physical and psychological aspects of unprecedented change, and obviously feel that I grew up. With people´s living standards and cultural qualities of the "beauty of the heart, in everyone," we want to thrive in sports, in sports to keep fit.



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