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Swimming, playing in the water precautions
from:e1981  |   date:2012/7/16 8:05:42  |   views:1503



Stream before the close family members must obtain consent in advance, at the same time go hand in hand to look after each other.

● has a "no swimming or water depth dangerous" and warning signs at the water, do not water swimming.

● to engage in any water activities, should wear life jackets for safety.

● do not wear jeans or trousers into the water.

● If you see someone drowning, to scream for help. Who are not skilled lifesaving technology, do not pretend to go to save her.

● Do not the unknown terrain of the waters, streams, rivers Chau, lakes, swimming, playing in the water to avoid danger.

● poor physical and mental conditions, such as fatigue, satiation, hunger, illness, bad mood, and alcohol should not be playing in the water after all.

● terrain or water of unknown depths of the stream are not diving.

● Those with a poor diving technique, not the temerity to sneak into the deep water to avoid danger.

Rivers due to high mountains and swift rivers, streams flow fast, the river steep slope, often undercurrent whirlpool. If visitors are not fluent in underwater conditions, the waters rush into the water, or ignore the huge hidden dangers, wanton try their hand playing in the water, it may have to pay a terrible price.




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