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HomeNewsSports knowledgeSports News → E1981 sports shop: Usually how maintenance badminton shoes?
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E1981 sports shop: Usually how maintenance badminton shoes?  |   date:2013/8/20 21:05:52  |   views:7579





Often, golfers will be asked to pair of badminton shoes can be worn how long? Usually how maintenance badminton shoes?

Golfers once said the summer kick the ball inside the shoes will be wet with sweat, golfers with a higher frequency of play, a pair of badminton shoes of course, is not enough to change the, the best equipped with two pairs or more than two pairs of shoes! following on the day-to-day maintenance of badminton shoes to share with everyone!

1、spare shoes face work

Regular cleaning, gently wipe with a damp cloth, pay attention not to use too much water, do not brush fierce brush to avoid destruction of sports shoes, leather and mesh surface clean after uppers dry and place in a cool, well-ventilated place.

Tip: kick the ball got home, the demolition of the insoles together with the shoes on a cool, well-ventilated place to dry. Sweat more in the summer or sturdy male golfers, try not washing the shoes, the laces, insoles can be ripped out with neutral soap / powder washing When washing out shoe insole, gently scrub with a soft brush Finally, rinse and air-dried.

2、shoes enjoy good care

Avoid shoes soaking, exposure and avoid the use of open flame heating or baking, shoes so as not to cause aging, glue, faded severely deformed or vamp fracture. Excessive direct sunlight, hair dryer heat and improper methods of care will have to reduce the service life of the shoes.

Tip: badminton shoes best badminton venue began to wear, of course, such a hypocritical approach generally very few people adhere to, but the benefits of doing so is to reduce the workload of cleaning and care, think also value ah ...

3、to give the shoes a good space to store it

Sports shoes most of the raw material is a synthetic polymer material (polyester nylon mesh cloth and nonwoven based artificial leather, sole use of rubber or rubber foam material), and therefore avoid contact with sharp objects and corrosive chemicals makes the shoe and the solution of the organic reagent and fats and oils, such as acids, alkalis, oils. .

Tip: sports shoes is not dressed, clean clean for a cool ventilated place, so that the shoes have sufficient time to dry to avoid mildew. The soles of the shoes head down toward the wall, ventilated place to dry at room temperature, so as to prevent water immersion in the bottom foam material; (because foaming material is not easy to dry, it is not recommended to wet shoes flat.)

4、designed shoes dedicated

So you can achieve a satisfactory wear results, fair treatment you wear shoes, do not wear badminton shoes indoor sports shoes such as strenuous exercise outdoors.

Hint: it is best not to wear badminton shoes to go running, go hiking like Oh, especially rainy, summer outdoor sun exposure, etc., several hundred blocks, a pair of shoes ... Well, as a small personal poor ambition weak woman good! ^ _ ^

5、long change insoles affordable

Badminton shoes wear the most serious of the two, one is an easy-to-common soles, one is the players do not care about the insoles. The comfort insole soles, heels, and foot broken thumb in the the shoes appearance nurturing intact, the regular replacement of worn insoles can be an affordable solution.

Tip: almost badminton insole with badminton, with the consumables, the decreased elasticity after a long period of intense Games best replacement insole to protect your feet. Try to choose the insole of the sneaker brand products.

6、the shoes also need a break!

Often play badminton enthusiasts, as much as possible to maintain more than two pairs of shoes can be replaced, so shoes also turns the rest. Also in order to extend the life of the shoes, so as little as possible to wash.





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