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  • E1981 Sports WebshopRecommendedWith Picture

    date:2013-9-15 7:00:15  |  views:2681

    Welcome to e1981 Sports shop :

  • E1981 Sports shop Notice: Buyers purchasing PrecautionsRecommendedWith Picture

    date:2013-8-29 13:46:20  |  views:2315

        1: Complete orders online ---- remarks(Special Requirements)  ----  Fill in the correct shipping address ---  Model, color, size.. 2: We will according to your request, Products sent as soon as possible and email to notify you.  
  • E1981 sports shop: Usually how maintenance badminton shoes?Recommended

    date:2013-8-20 21:05:52  |  views:3289

    Often, golfers will be asked to pair of badminton shoes can be worn how long? Usually how maintenance badminton shoes?

  • Wang ShiXian, Chen Long badminton mixed doubles, and the fans contest.With Picture

    date:2016-11-14 11:01:14  |  views:1282

    Wang ShiXian, Chen Long badminton mixed doubles, and the fans contest.  
  • Thomas and Uber Cup 15-22 May 2016With Picture

    date:2016-5-13 11:24:48  |  views:1356

     Thomas and Uber Cup 15-22 May 2016  
  • Swimming, playing in the water precautions

    date:2012-7-16 8:05:42  |  views:616

    Stream before the close family members must obtain consent in advance, at the same time go hand in hand to look after each other. ● has a "no swimming or water depth dangerous" and warning signs at the water, do not water swimming. ● to engage in any water activities, should wear life jackets for safety. ● do not wear jeans or trousers into the water. ● If you see some..
  • Swimming common sense

    date:2012-7-16 8:04:18  |  views:668

    1. There the sea jellyfish, pay attention, do not be stung to the large jellyfish sting can help people unconscious.     [Added: jellyfish are deadly dangerous if large. ] 2. Best not to go swim at low tide, it is easy rolling pin.     [Added: Tuizhao have a lot of potential members of the shore, the shore to swim in the time to note that there is no pr..





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